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GENESIS KRYPTON 750 valge juhtmega hiir l 8000 DPI

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The heart of krypton 750 is a reliable PAW3333 OPTICAL sensor with sensitivity in the range of 200 – 8000 DPI. The maximum data processing speed is maintained at 8000 FPS, and the maximum acceleration is 35 G. The DPI change button will allow you to instantly change the sensitivity between 6 levels! Bet on precision in every move and do not be surprised by opponents!


Under the replaceable panel krypton of 750 there is a tray with weights that will allow you to perfectly adjust the weight of the mouse to your individual needs. Adjust the number of weights and their placement, experiment with a weight range between 58 – 76 g and discover the perfect setting that will give you victory!


The mouse comes with an extremely impressive RGB backlight featuring our signature PRISMO effect, which will illuminate your stand in any colour of your choice and give it a phenomenal character. All settings for the backlight can be easily set up using dedicated software. Choose the right colour from 16 million colours and create an atmosphere worthy of a winner!


Krypton 750 has 6 programmable buttons, thanks to which only one click can separate you from a spectacular victory. Assign the most necessary functions and shortcuts to individual buttons, record macros and gain an advantage on every battlefield!


The symmetrical design of the mouse and its ergonomic shape will ensure proper hand position and will not burden the wrist even during the longest sessions. Krypton 750 is equipped with extremely durable mechanical switches with a service life of up to 50 million clicks, which, combined with a flexible Paracord cable will guarantee durability and maximum freedom of movement.


To guarantee maximum comfort, the mouse is equipped with two interchangeable panels – one perforated and the other solid non-perforated. Thanks to this, at any time you can choose the most convenient option for you and additionally refresh the look of your station. What's more, the ability to open the mouse lets you easily clean it.


With built-in memory, you no longer need to configure mouse settings when you turn on your computer. Krypton 750 will remember all your settings even when connected to another PC, so you can easily take your mouse on a trip or to a tournament.


Thanks to advanced software, Krypton 750 allows for precise configuration of parameters and assignment of numerous settings to profiles. Change DPI sensitivity, customize multi-colour RGB lighting, create and save macros, and configure each of the 6 programmable buttons! Play on your own terms and get the best results!


Krypton 750 features high-end PTFE sliders, which will ensure an extremely smooth and even glide and immediate response to your every move. Thanks to this, the mouse will meet your expectations regardless of which pad you use.

Tootja Genesis
GARANTII Füüsilisele isikule 24 kuud / Juriidilisele 12 kuud
Anduri tüüp PAW3333
DPI 8000
Värv Valge
Klahvide arv 7
Tagumine valgustus Jah. RGB
Mõõtmed 39 x 61 x 118 mm
Tüüp Juhtmega
Spetsiaalne tarkvara Jah
Ühendus USB
Sampling frequency Kuni 1000 Hz
Kiirendus 35 G
Värvitoonide arv 16,8 M
Juhtme pikkus 180 cm
Kaal 58 g
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