Rainbow Six Siege Collection - Slegde's Hammer Replica kujuke | 19.5cm
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Product description
For the first time, Ubicollectibles developed a replica inspired by the Rainbow Six Siege game.
To create a quick and efficient breach into the enemy’s defence, you can always count on Sledge and his iconic Hammer. The Six Collection brings a 50cm length replica of this powerful tool in your hand (1:2 scale).
This replica comes with a unique code that unlocks an exclusive weapon skin for Sledge in Rainbow Six Siege®.
Key Features
⦁ Official replica of Sledge’s Hammer inspired by the Rainbow Six Siege game.
⦁ 1:2 scale replica
⦁ Fabric Tartan piece on the handle
⦁ Length: 50 cm
⦁ Comes with a stand to display on
⦁ Material: PVC, ABS and Fabric
⦁ Includes a unique code that unlocks an in-game weapon charm

Mõõtmed 50x7x19.5cm
Kaal 739g
Kategooria Mängud

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