Nanoleaf Essentials Light Strips Starter Kit 2 meters | 1600Lm, 30W, 120V-240V
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Nanoleaf Essentials provides a seamless introduction to smart lighting. Take your space from work mode to game night fun instantly, with bright and efficient lightstrips. With an even light glow and endless colours you can create stunning backlit illumination in your room. Customise and control through the Nanoleaf app, controller or voice commands.

Smart Colour Changing LED Lightstrip

Choose vibrant playful colours or crisp functional white lighting

Adaptive lighting feature automatically adjusts the colour temperature

Customise lights with the Nanoleaf app or voice

Wake up naturally to sunrise colours or set other schedules in the Nanoleaf App

Low latency with improved connection reliability and range (with a compatible border router)

Plug and go with no hub required

Other Features: Bluetooth, HomeKit Compatible, Adaptive Lighting, Wireless

Internet Access: Some Features Require Internet Access

Connections: Bluetooth, Wireless

Length: 200 cm / 80 in.

Width: 1.5 cm / 0.6 in.

Weight: 500 g / 17.6 oz.

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