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Endorfy GEM must juhtmega hiir l 8000 DPI

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Life is like a game. Sometimes there are situations when you need to react at lightning speed. And these are exactly the moments you need GEM mouse.

It’s a lightweight (67 g) rodent on fast PTFE sliders – always ready for the most demanding actions. We tested it during virtual battlefields and brainstorming sessions at work and we’ll say that nothing is impossible for this little guy.

The GEM isn’t afraid of earthly challenges. We’re serious – it nimbly moves around the battlefield and jumps around spreadsheets with the same hinexhaustible energy. Technically speaking, this is thanks to its low weight and slick PTFE feet, but there might be a hidden WARP drive somewhere. You’ll have to look for it yourself.

GEM is all about speed. We’ve hidden a super-sensitive PixArt PMW3325 sensor in the ARGB backlit housing. It’ll respond instantly to each of the estimated 60 m clicks – you can thank the durable Kailh GM 4.0 microswitches.

Tootja Endorfy
GARANTII Füüsilisele isikule 24 kuud / Juriidilisele 12 kuud
Anduri tüüp PIXART PMW3325
DPI 8000
Värv Must
Tagumine valgustus Jah. RGB
Mõõtmed 126×65.7×38.5 mm
Tüüp Juhtmega
Spetsiaalne tarkvara Jah
Ühendus USB
Värvitoonide arv 16,8 M
Juhtme pikkus 180 cm
Soovitatav Mängijatele

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