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Endorfy GEM Plus must juhtmega hiir l 19000 DPI

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GEM Plus

Behind each defeated opponent there are precise movements and instant reactions. GEM Plus gives you both.

All thanks to the top quality PixArt PAW3370 sensor and super-fast Kailh GM 8.0 microswitches – an unbreakable combo. For even better performance, we’ve closed them in a sturdy case with PTFE sliders so you can move as hfast as your mom's friends on sales in the supermarket. Or even faster, YOLO.

The GEM Plus is a mouse for hserious players – lightweight (67 g), agile, and always ready to fight. It slides across the mousepad on PTFE skates, as if it were a spaceship with a WARP drive. Its spectacular ARGB backlight gives it that futuristic look – are you ready to conquer?

At its heart lies the state-of-the-art PixArt PAW3370 sensor, capable of a maximum sensitivity of 19 000 DPI. In the package under the buttons are also super-fast Kailh hGM 8.0 switches. With such a set, your opponents have no chance. 

Tootja Endorfy
GARANTII Füüsilisele isikule 24 kuud / Juriidilisele 12 kuud
Anduri tüüp PIXART PAW3370
DPI 19 000
Värv Must
Tagumine valgustus Jah. RGB
Mõõtmed 126×65.7×38.5 mm
Tüüp Juhtmega
Spetsiaalne tarkvara Jah
Ühendus USB
Värvitoonide arv 16,8 M
Juhtme pikkus 180 cm
Soovitatav Mängijatele

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