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Glorious PC Gaming Race Series One Pro Vidar-Forge optiline juhtmeta hiir | 19000 DPI

Glorious PC Gaming Race
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  • Precise and lightweight wireless gaming mouse
  • Ultra-light weight of only 50 grams
  • Perfect for claw and fingertips grips
  • Six programmable buttons
  • Optical sensor with 19,000 DPI for maximum precision
  • Low friction mouse feet made of PTFE
  • Matt surface for a firm grip
  • Long battery life of 84 hours

The Glorious Model One PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse in Detail

The Model One PRO Wireless from the Glorious Forge is a wireless gaming mouse that provides a latency-free gaming experience and precise tracking. Weighing in at 50 grams, with a newly redesigned shell in dynamic colours, the Model One PRO Wireless was made to be both ultra-lightweight and iconic. The BAMF-Sensor developed by Glorious in cooperation with Pixart offers a very high resolution of 19,000 DPI and allows for very fast mouse swipes. The top cover of this limited edition gaming mouse has a matt surface for more grip. The durable Glorious switches are responsible for the long service life of the Model One PRO Wireless.

Glorious Model One PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse with BAMF Sensor

The modern BAMF sensor of the Model One PRO Wireless was jointly developed by Glorious and Pixart. The sensor offers a high resolution of 19,000 DPI for extremely high precision, including the significantly increased tracking speed of 400 IPS over the regular Model O. With a polling rate of 1,000 Hz, and a minimal LOD of 1mm, mouse movements are transmitted without delay, making this wireless gaming mouse suitable for very fast movements.

The Glorious Model One PRO Wireless offers four DPI presets with a dedicated button to quickly switch between profiles. Adjusting the preset DPI values using the Glorious Core software suite is as easy as it gets. Large glide feet made of PTFE ensure low friction, regardless of the surface on which the mouse is used.

Lightweight Wireless Gaming Mouse with Six Buttons

The mouse has a total of six programmable buttons. In addition to the two main buttons and the DPI button at the top there are two mouse buttons on the left side for right-handed users. The scroll wheel can also be clicked. The ambidextrous design is suitable for left-handed users as well.

The redesigned casing has a higher bulge, making it perfect for those favouring claw or fingertip grips. The ergonomic shape of the Glorious Model O PRO Wireless allows for long gaming sessions. Despite the built-in battery and a very long battery life of up to 80 hours, the Model One PRO Wireless only weighs 50 grams. Thanks to the included USB-C cable you can still keep gaming while it charges.

Tootja Glorious PC Gaming Race
GARANTII Füüsilisele isikule 24 kuud / Juriidilisele 12 kuud
Anduri tüüp Optiline
DPI 19000
Värv White, dark grey, blue (matte)
Klahvide arv 6
Tüüp Juhtmega
Ühendus USB
Sampling frequency Kuni 1000 Hz
Värvitoonide arv 16,8 M
Programmeeritavad klahvid 6
Kaal 55g
Soovitatav Mängijatele

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