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HyperX Pulsefire Haste juhtmega hiir | 16000 DPI

55,92 €
KM-ta: 45,83 €
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Ultra-light hex shell design
Built with a honeycomb shell that makes the mouse lighter than a solid shell mouse, without sacrificing durability.

fc2aa80c-2372-4acc-88d8-9c566202.pngHyperFlex USB Cable
The HyperFlex USB Cable is made from light, flexible paracord material designed to reduce tension and resistance for easier mouse movement.

d621f524-0c6a-4268-a1fb-98eae0c4.pngTTC Golden micro switches
These switches feature an anti-dust coating, and are rated for up to 60 million clicks.

The solid sensor provides precise tracking without hardware acceleration and supports native DPI settings up to 16000.

01e02146-4587-4d9f-bce4-9e732c9b.pngPure virgin-grade PTFE skates
The low-friction 100% PTFE skates help provide an easy, effortless glide to make the mouse more responsive. Replacement set of skates included.

544ca97e-d727-4e16-b40f-9a04c487.pngGrip tape included
For people who prefer a bit more control and comfort, grip tape is included for the side of the mouse and both left and right mouse buttons.

Tootja HyperX
GARANTII Füüsilisele isikule 24 kuud / Juriidilisele 12 kuud
Anduri tüüp Optiline
DPI 16000
Värv Must
Ühendus USB
Juhtme pikkus 180 cm
Kaal 59g

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