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Roccat Burst Pro Air must juhtmevaba RGB mänguhiir

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KM-ta: 40,83 €
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Improved legend

When designing the Kone Pro Air model, we improved the ergonomic shape of the Kone mouse, which has long been very popular among gamers around the world. Based on thorough anthropometric research, we've made many small changes to ensure that every user of the Kone Pro Air mouse can enjoy unparalleled comfort, regardless of hand size or grip type.

Stellar wireless and Bluetooth connectivity

With the Kone Pro Air's dual wireless connectivity, you can choose between a fast and reliable 2.4GHz connection for gaming, or Bluetooth connectivity for productivity. A fully charged battery allows you to use the mouse for over 100 hours. Our Rapid Charge technology lets you play for 5 hours in just 10 minutes of charging.

Roccat® Bionic Shell

The durable housing of the Kone Pro model decorated with a honeycomb pattern prevents dirt from getting inside, and at the same time it is extremely light - the entire mouse weighs only 75 grams. The semi-transparent coating on the main buttons reveals RGB AIMO lighting in 16.8 million vivid colors.

Titan Wheel Pro

Milled from solid aluminum, the Titan Wheel Pro is a true marvel designed by ROCCAT engineers. It is lightweight yet durable. Turning the Titan Wheel Pro is very pleasant, and the clicks are perfectly felt. The alloy quickly adapts to the temperature of the finger, thanks to which the use of the wheel is very comfortable and does not distract from the game or work.

Titan Switch Optical

Clicks are clearly felt, and the incredibly fast response time provides unparalleled speed and precision. The switch is faster and twice as durable as its mechanical counterparts, giving you the edge in every game.

PhantomFlex™ charging cable

Stay in the game while charging your mouse with the PhantomFlex™ USB-C cable. This flexible, pliable and lightweight cable is almost unnoticeable when in use.

Tootja Roccat
Anduri tüüp Optiline
DPI 19000
Värv Must
Tüüp Juhtmevaba
Kiirendus 50 G
Kaal 81g
Soovitatav Mängijatele
Klahvide elutsükkel 100 miljonit klikki
Height 38 mm
Width 58 mm
Length 120 mm

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