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Thunder Road: Vendetta

Restoration Games
Thunder Road: Vendetta Osta

Thunder Road: Vendetta Osta

The legendary game of combat-racing through the wasteland is back. Take control of your crew and put the pedal to the metal, pushing your cars faster and faster. If you’ve got your opponent in your sights, fire your guns or try to slam them into the rocks. All the while,avoiding deadly obstacles and your opponents’ own tricky tactics.
Detailed vehicle minis, chunky dice, and the game’s signature “infinite” road board make this a racing game like no other. And all the chaotic action is brought to life by the signature style of illustrator Marie Bergeron.
Drive like your life depends on it! ‘Cause it does!

Anatolii B

Pure chaos and madness and, of course, a lot of fun, that is what I was expecting from this game and it delivered. I received 'Thunder Road: Vendetta' a day after the order, so huge thanks for your quick and professional service.

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Tüüp Temaatiline lauamäng
Mängijate arv 2 - 4
Mänguaeg 45 - 75 Min
Vanus 10+
Raskus Mõõdukalt kerge-2/5
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