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LEGO Brawls

Red Games Co.
LEGO Brawls

LEGO Brawls LEGO Brawls LEGO Brawls

At the core of the game is the ability for players to buildcustomise and level up their ultimate LEGO Minifigure heroes with unique stylestrategy, and personality.

LEGO fans and brawlers can collect unlockable minifigures, power-ups and emotes from their favourite LEGO themes as they battle and build their way to the top of the global leader boards.

Players around the world can team up and brawl 4v4, party with friends or play a battle royale-style game mode, or the fan-favourite “couch co-op” style Free-for-Brawl game mode where it’s “every-player-for-themselves”.

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35,00 €
KM-ta: 29,17 €
Console 17
Žanr Märul
Mängu keeled Inglise
PEGI reiting soovitatav alates 7. eluaastast
Väljalaske kuupäev 2022-09-02
Singleplayer Sisaldab
Multiplayer Sisaldab
Local Multi-Player Sisaldab
Co-Op Sisaldab
Local Co-Op (Splitscreen) 1-2 mängijat
Vorming Füüsiline koopia (plaadil)
TÄHTIS: Mängupakett võib olla poola/hispaania/saksa või mõnes muus keeles, kuid mäng on alati inglise keeles.