FIFINE K668 juhtmega mikrofon | USB
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An Ace up gamer's sleeve

  • Plug & Play on Windows, Mac and PS4; no need for extra power or manually-installed driver. 
  • Plug in USB, that's all. You're ready to unleash the audio power and start rock & roll in the game!
  • Being sensitive to your voice. Even speaking from one foot away, teammates still hear you with good clarity. 

Start streaming on a budget; grow audience in high speed  

  • Rugged metallic design keeps low profile; sleek body finish adds aesthetic feel.   
  • Audio counts as much as content. Want to grow your channel? Getting clear audio is at the top of the list. 
  • Cardioid pattern helps reduce background sound while integrated circuit builds up threshold of self-noise. 
  • Under K668's wing, your voice will be safe from being ruined by humming or buzzing.

Wide and smooth frequency response reproduces natural tone of voice

  • Special calibration on highs guarantees the clearest part of your voice is captured.
  • It is capable of more than you may need, not only gaming and podcasting, but recording, Skype calls, voice recognition and more.


Type Condenser
Polar Pattern Cardioid 
Frequency Response 50-16kHz
Power Supply 5V USB power
Output Connection  USB 2.0

Tüüp Juhtmega
Taasesitatav sagedusala 50-16 000Hz
Kaal 581 g
Mikrofoni tundlikkus -47 dB

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